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Compositions and Arrangements by Andrew Hawryluk

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Calgary North Stake Music Library

These are the titles in the Calgary North Stake music library. This information is also available as a plain-text file (tab-delimited, utf-8) that can be edited in any spreadsheet program.

This list includes all of the alphabetized material in the music cupboard. There yet remain some other boxes that haven’t been catalogued, and they await a soul with sufficient valour to bring their ancient contents to light. (The gauntlet has been thrown.)


TitleComposer / ArrangerVoicingAccomp.Qty.
Abide with Me: ’Tis Eventidearr. Crawford GatesSSAATTBBa capella47
All Glory, Laud and Honorarr. Alexander SchreinerSATBorgan15
All the TruthsChopin, arr. GatesSATBpno/org1
Almighty God of our FathersWill JamesSSAATTBBa capella8
An Angel from on Higharr. Crawford GatesSSATBpno/org1
Ask, and it Shall Be Given unto YouL. Stanley GlarumSSAa capella12
Battle Hymn of the Republicarr. Peter J. WilhouskySSAATTBBpiano47
Be Still and Know that He Is GodDavid Len AllenSATBpiano21
Be Still and Know that I Am GodHayden MorganSSATBBopt. accomp.16
Beautiful Saviorarr. Christiansen, OverbySSAAa capella1
Behold a Host, Arrayed in WhiteGrieg, arr. LundquistSATBa capella1
Behold, My Joy is FullJanice Kapp Perry2-partpiano36
But the Lord Is Mindful of His OwnMendelssohn, arr. ScholinSAATBpno/org10
Calm as a Summer’s MornLowell M. DurhamSAATBBopt. piano5
Cherubim SongDimitri BortianskySSATBa capella14
CloudsErnest Charles, Arr. DeisSSApiano1
Come, Come Ye Saintsarr. Crawford GatesSATTBBorgan80
Come, Come Ye Saintsarr. Leroy RobertsonSSAATTTBBpiano44
Come, Hold Your Torches HighCarolyn J. Rasmus, Larry W. BastianSSApiano1
Come, O Thou King of Kingsarr. James C. KasenSSAATTBBorg 4-hands24
Dear Earthly FatherLorraine S. Wilkinson, Rachel W. MabeySSApiano16
Did I Think to Pray?arr. Oliver White2-partpiano1
EFY Medley: As Sisters in Zion & We’ll Bring the World His TruthMichael R. HicksSATBpiano14
Evening Prayer and Dream PantomimeHumperdinck, arr. WilhouskySATBpiano13
Excerpts from Promised Valleyarr. Crawford GatesSSATTBBpno/org22
Families to Match the MountainsJanie ThompsonSATBpiano11
Family of FaithValerie MacKenzieSATBpiano14
Father in Heavenarr. Dougles E. BushSATBorgan1
Feed My LambsDonald Ripplinger2-partpiano1
For Time and EternityMarjorie Wood Remington, arr. KeddingtonSSApiano3
Galilean Easter CarolR. Deane ShureSATBpno/org2
Gentle JesusGabbott & Moody, arr. Dan CarterSATBpiano16
Give Me Thy LoveEugene Butler2-partpiano1
Go Not Far from Me, O GodZingarelliSATBa capella14
God Be with Youarr. David Len AllenSATBpiano25
God Is My ShepherdDvorak, arr. Joseph W. ClokeySATBorgan37
God Is My ShepherdSchubert, arr. Louis Victor SaarSSApiano1
God, in Thee I Seek My SalvationMicheal Hayden, arr. PaulySATBpno/org11
Gospel Is Truly the Power of God, TheAlexander SchreinerSATBpno/org15
Great and Marvellous Are Thy WorksA. R. GaulSSATTBpiano1
He Cares for Me (Consider the Lilies)Wanda West PalmerSSApiano5
He Sent His Sonarr. Sally DeFordSSApiano22
He, Watching Over IsraelMedelssohnSATBpiano1
Heavenly LightA. Kopylow, arr. WilhouskySATBa capella15
Heavens Resound, TheBeethoven, arr. HoferSATBpiano1
Here in this HouseBeethoven, arr. HoworthSATBopt. piano17
High on the Mountain Toparr. Joseph HoffmanSSATBpno/org23
Holiness Becometh the House of the LordEven StephensSATBorgan18
Holy City, Thearr. Doris ArnoldSATBpiano6
Holy Lord GodNoble CainSSAATTBBa capella11
How Lovely are thy DwellingsS. Liddle, arr. Arthur FaggeSATBorgan2
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling PlaceJohannes BrahmsSATBpiano2
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling PlaceJohannes BrahmsSSApiano1
How Near to the AngelsJane Thompsonsolopiano2
How Wondrous and Greatarr. RipplingerSATBpno/org1
Hymns of Faith: Oh, May My Soul Commune With Thee, The Temple, Blessed the Bread and Water, The Lord Bless TheeLeroy Robertson, Lorin F. WheelwrightSATBopt. accomp.22
I Am a Child of Godarr. Ann Kapp AndersenSSATTBB & children’s choruspno/org29
I Believe in Jesus ChristDan CarterSABpiano1
I Feel My Savior’s Lovearr. K. Newll DayleySATBpiano5
I Heard Him Comearr. Micheal RunyanSATBpiano11
I Shall Not Pass Again This WayEffinger, arr. DurstSATBpiano13
I Would Be WorthyLowell M. DurhamSSATTBpiano4
If With All Your HeartsMendelssohn, arr. ClarkeSSApiano6
In AbsenceDudley BuckTTBBa capella15
In My Father’s House Are Many MansionsMacDermid, arr. Mott & CotéSATBpiano24
Jerusalem! O Turn Thee to the LordCharles GounodSATB & sop. solopiano1
Jesus, Lover of My Soularr. Ripplinger2-partpiano1
King of GloryJ. A. ParksSATBpiano31
Lauds (#2 of “Three Songs of Praise”)George DysonSATBpno/org22
Lengthen Your StrideK. Newell DayleySSAATTBBpiano30
Let All My Life Be MusicCharles Gilbert SprossSSApno & opt. organ3
Let Not Your Song EndNoble CainSSApiano1
Let the Mountains Shout for JoyStephens, arr. ScholinSSApno/org1
Live Life in a Sweet KeyMarie Manwaring AndersonSSApiano9
Lord Bless You and Keep You, ThePeter C. LutkinSATBopt. organ3
Lord Is My Shepherd, TheThomas MatthewsSATBorgan26
Lord Will Comfort Zion, TheGeorge CarelessSATBpno/org1
Lord, Hear Our PrayerVerdi, arr. HugueletSSAopt. accomp.2
Lord’s My Shepherd, TheCarl F. MuellerSATBpno/org1
Lord’s Prayer, TheB. Cecil GatesSATBorgan1
Lord’s Prayer, TheLeroy RobertsonSSAATTBBa capella35
Lord’s Prayer, TheMalotte, arr. Carl DeisSSAATTBBorgan42
Love at Homearr. Robert P. ManookinSATBpiano25
Love DivineBeethoven, arr. JenkinsSATBorgan20
Love One Anotherarr. Larry BeebeSATBpiano13
Love One AnotherLuacine Clark FoxSSA & soloorgan, violin1
My Beehive GirlMarie Nelsonunisionpiano8
My TestimonyMyriel Cluff AshtonSSApiano7
Nearer, My God, to TheeSumner SalterSATBpno/org9
Now Let All the Heavens Adore TheeJ. S. BachSATBopt. accomp.1
Now Let the Heavens Be Joyfularr. Robert ChambersSATBpno/org17
Now Let Us All Praise God and SingGordon YoungSATBorgan27
Now Thank We All Our GodJ. S. Bach, arr. HollerSATBpno/org24
O Brother Man!Roy RingwaldTTBBpiano1
O Come Let Us SingL. Stanley GlarumSATBa capella1
O Come, Let Us WorshipMedelssohn, arr. EhretSATBpiano16
O Father, Dear FatherScott DortonSATBpiano1
O For a Closer Walk With GodEric H. ThimanSATB, alto soloorgan10
O God Our Help in Ages Pastarr. J. Spencer CornwallSATBpno/org13
O Light DivineFrisby, arr. William SticklesSATBpiano17
O Lord Most HolyBruckner, arr. DickinsonSATBorgan16
O Loving Saviour Slain for UsD.F.E. AuberSATBorgan2
O My Fatherarr. Crawford GatesSSAATTBBpiano43
O My Fatherarr. Lowell M. DurhamSATBpno/org1
O SapentiaT. Terius NobleSATBa capella21
O Savoir of the WorldJohn GossSATBpno/org22
O Worship the KingHaydn, arr. CornwallSSAATTBBpno/org2
O Worship the KingN. F. Byng-JohnsonSATBorgan21
Oh How Lovely Was the Morningarr. Crawford GatesSSAATTBBa capella47
Oh RoseVerona ChristensenSSApiano5
On Great Lone Hills (Finlandia)Sibelius, arr. MatthewsSSAATTBBa capella1
Onward Christian Soldiersarr. Harry SimoneSATBpno/org30
Onward, Ye PeoplesSibelius, arr. LefebvreSATBpiano39
Open Our EyesWill C. MacfarlaneSSAATTBBopt. organ17
Our Birth Is But a SleepRussell WilsonSATBpiano1
Our Family Can Be ForeverDorothy G. KillpackSATBpiano1
Peace I Leave With YouThomas L. DurhamSATBopt. accomp.1
Pearl of a Girl, ABetty P. Jonesunisionpiano7
People of the PromiseJohn CarterSATBpiano11
Ponder the PathArdean WattsSATBpno/org1
Praise the Lord, O My SoulWatson, arr. CorwallSABpiano7
Praise to the Lord, the Almightyarr. RipplingerSATBpno/org22
Praises, Thanks and AdorationBechler, arr. NeumannSATBpno/org33
Pretty as a PictureJean A. AllenSSApiano9
Psalm 150Cesar Frank, arr. H. Clough-LeighterSATBorgan44
Promised Valley: The Crickets & GullsCrawford GatesSSATB, bar. solopiano23
Promised Valley: This is the PlaceCrawford GatesSSATB, bar. solo, children’s choirpiano22
Reverently, QuietlyClara W. McMasterSATBpiano2
Rose Tying SongJeanette BoyackSA(A)piano9
Ruth the GleanerLuacine Clark FoxSSApiano9
Sanctus and Hosanna from the RequiemMozart, ed. Walter EhretSATBpiano20
Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead UsChristoph W. Gluck, arr. EhretSATBorg/pno1
Seek and Ye Shall FindClifford McCormickSATBa capella6
Seek Ye The LordJ.V. Roberts, arr. CornwallSSABpiano17
Send Out Thy SpiritJoseph Schuetky, arr. HollerSATBa capella27
Sheep May Safely GrazeBach, arr. Katherine DavisSATBpno/org21
Sing, All Ye RighteousCarl Heinrich Garun, ed. ElkinsSATBpno/org10
Sing, Glad HeartFlorence Jepperson MadsenSApiano5
Sing to the LordMargaret Shelley VanceSATBpno/org1
Sing unto God! (booklet of 19 pieces)Ed. Ruth HellerSATBpno/org1
Softly into the Night (Nearer, My God to Thee)Lowell Mason, arr. WolfordSATBpno/org1
Son of ManLeroy RobertsonSATBpno/org1
Spirit of God, Thearr. J.J. KeelerSATBorgan, opt. tpts.49
Still, Sill with TheeHarry Rowe ShelleySATB, bass soloorgan6
Such Lovely ThingsMicheal North, arr. SilverSATBpiano1
Thanks Be to GodStanley Dickson, arr. LucasSSApiano2
Thankgiving: A Hymn Medleyarr. Janie ThompsonSATBpiano21
There Is Sunshine in My Soulswing arr. by Greg JacksonSATBpiano1
This Is My CountryAl Jacobs, arr. DurhamSATBpiano2
Thou Shalt Love The LordCarol Briggs DanielsSATBpiano1
To Love, to Serve, to Offer AllK. Newell DayleySATBpiano25
To Music (An die Musik)Schubert, arr. Louis Victor SaarSSA, bar. solopiano24
We Are The GleanersEdward P. KimballSApiano5
We Are WatchmenAlexander Schreiner, text J.F.SmithSATBpno/org1
We BelieveWilford A. Beesley, Jr.SSApiano10
We Bring Our ThanksRuth Elaine SchramSABpiano10
We Seek After These ThingsRhea B. AllenSApiano3
We Stand for the TruthMark NicholsSATBpiano14
We TwoClyde D. SandgrenDuetpiano13
When Someone CaresGwen M. CundickSATBpiano21
Where Can I Turn For Peace?arr. Barry BeebeSATB, solopiano12
Where Is HeavenJanice Kapp PerrySATBpiano1
With a Voice of SingingMartin ShawSATBorgan16
You’re Not AloneMicheal McLeansolo (opt. duet)piano2
Your Pearl of Great PriceCarol Briggs Danielsunisionpiano3


TitleComposer / ArrangerVoicingAccomp.Qty.
Galilean Easter CarolR. Deane ShureSATBpno/org10
That Blessed Easter MornMary E. CaldwellSATBorg/pno14
“Hallelujah” from Mount of OlivesBeethovenSATBpiano39


TitleComposer / ArrangerVoicingAccomp.Qty.
A Bethlehem Christmas (cantata)Janice Kapp PerrySATBpiano1
A Boy Is BornGerman melody arr. Marie PoolerSATBa capella10
A Child Was BornScott DortonSATBpiano1
A Dawning of ChristmasMax BuhlerSATBpiano4
A Single StarTamara Hann, Ann Kapp AndersenSATBpiano43
Allelujah from Cantata No. 142Bach, arr. WhittakerSATBorg/pno14
And the Glory of the LordHandelSATBorgan15
Away in a Mangerarr. Lowell M. DurhamSSATBa capella19
Away in a Mangerarr. Dan CarterSATBpiano19
Baby Jesus, TheClaire S. Polemanunison or 2-partpiano14
BethlehemLynn S. LundSATBpiano20
Birthday of a King, TheW.H. NeidlingerSATB, bar. solopiano30
Child of Wonder (cantata)A. Laurence LyonSATB, childrenpiano, vlns2
Christ Child, Christ ChildMarian Chaplin, arr. AdesSApiano, opt. handbells25
Christmas Echo, Aarr. Patrick M. LiebergenSATBpno/org59
Christmas Fugue (Behold the Lamb of God)Robert Lee RowberrySATBa capella6
Christmas Is a Time of Joyarr. A. Laurence LyonSATBpiano30
Christmas Long AgoJoan Swanson, arr. DrevitsSATBpiano1
Christmas WamthTom DossettSABpiano9
Christmas-Tide (medley)arr. Rosario BourdonSSAATTBBpiano (or orch.)12
Come, All Ye Shepherdsarr. Gerhard TrackSATBpiano3
Come, Singing NoelKatherine K. DavisSATBpno/org1
Deck the Hallsarr. Alice Parker, Robert ShawSATBa capella25
For Unto Us a Child Is BornHandelSATBpiano46
Gentle JesusMicheal F. Moody, arr. CarterSATBpiano16
Gesù BambinoPietro A. Yon, arr. RingwaldSATBpno/org1
Gesù BambinoPietro A. YonSApiano21
Gifts That Are Mine to GiveDavid Len AllenSABpiano6
He Is Born, The KingKatherine K. Davisunison with descantpiano1
Holiday Hymn Preludesarr. Heidenreich & Andersenpiano1
Holly Jolly Christmas, AJohnny MarksSABpiano30
How Far Is it to Bethlehemarr. Alice Parker, Robert ShawSATBa capella10
Huron Carol, Thearr. Richard JohnstonSATBopt. piano13
Hush Little BabyLarry BarkdullSSATTBpiano16
I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayJohn Marks, arr. RingwaldSATBpiano30
I Love the Feeling at Christmas TimeLorraine S. Wilkinson, arr. BakerSATBpiano28
In the Bleak Mid-WinterHolst, arr. WoodSATB, treble choirorgan11
It Was a Night of WonderLeo M. TellepSSApiano8
It Was in the SpringMicheal F. MoodySABpiano1
It’s Time to Ring Those Christmas Bells!Don BesigSATBpiano30
Jesus the Savior Is BornThomas L. DurhamSATBa capella1
Jesus! Name of Wondrous LoveEverett TitcombSATBorgan15
Legend of the BellsRoy V. RhodesSATB, sop. solopno/org1
Let the Child Be Bornarr. Lowell M. DurhamSATBa capella1
Little Child in a MangerDebra Richie Stueben2-part treblepiano1
Noel We SingL.C. Daquin, arr. De Cormier & BiggsSATBorg/pno19
O Come, O Come Emmanuelarr. Karen R. LloydSATBpiano16
Once in Royal David’s Cityarr. Lowell M. DurhamSATBpno/org4
One Small BabeShawn M. Stringham, Lynn S. LundSATBpiano44
Ring Out Ye Bells! Sing Out Ye Voices!Glad Robinson YouseSATBpiano1
Ring Those Christmas BellsGus Levene, arr. AdesSATBpiano31
Room in the InnVanja Y. Watkins, arr. YorgasonSATBpiano1
Shepherds’ Cradle SongLloyd LarsonSATBpiano15
Shepherd’s Pipe CarolJohn RutterSATTBBpiano22
Shepherd’s Story, TheClarence DickinsonSSATTBBa capella8
Shepherds Were WatchingGeorge H. DurhamSSAATTBBopt. pno/org2
Shine for Me Again: Star of BethlehemDan CarterSATBpiano14
Sleigh, TheRichard Kountz, arr. BaldwinTTBBpiano3
Snow Lay on the Ground, TheLeo SowerbySATBorgan27
Song of the StableBerta and Sonja PoormanSATBa capella28
Starlight CarolBarry Rock & Benjamin HarlanSATBpiano14
Starry Way, TheLorraine S. WilkinsonSApiano8
Tell Us, Shepherd MaidsMary E. CaldwellSATBorgan1
Waiting for a KingJoseph M. MartinSATBpiano, opt. C instr.15
Watts’ Nativity CarolR. Deane ShureSATBpno/org1
Whence Is That Goodly FragranceFrench carol, arr. DurhamSATB, bar. soloa capella1
Winter Sleigh RideJ. Raymond HendersonSATBpiano30

Longer Works

TitleComposer / ArrangerVoicingAccomp.Qty.
Joseph Smith the ProphetRob GardnerSATBpiano
Promised ValleyCrawford GatesSSAATTBB1
Psalm of EasterLuacine Clark FoxSATBpno/org1
Women at the WellKenneth Cope & Vickey Pahnkesolos & duetspiano10
ZionMerrill BradshawSSAATTBB, solos2 pianos1


TitleComposer / ArrangerVoicingAccomp.Qty.
A Song of the Heartvarioussolos, duets, SSApiano, chords1
Choirbook, ThevariousSATBpno/org20
Choral Settings of Six LDS Hymns: Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning (SSATTB), Come, Ye Children of the Lord (SATB), True to the Faith (SATB), There Is a Green Hill Far Away (SATB), The Morning Breaks (SATB), Oh Say, What Is Truth? (TTBB)arr. A. Laurence Lyonpiano26
Choral Worship: Settings of Familiar Hymns for ChoirsManookin & RipplingerSATBpno/org10
Hymnal Plus, Book 1arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymnal Plus, Book 2arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymnal Plus, Book 3arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymnal Plus, Book 4arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymnal Plus, Book 5arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymnal Plus, Book 6arr. Cundick & LonghurstSATBorgan2
Hymns for Relief Society ChoirsMerril BradshawSSApiano3
Hymns of Worshiparr. Larry BeebeSATBpiano1
Musical Interludespno/org3