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Compositions and Arrangements by Andrew Hawryluk

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Arise and Shine Like a Light Upon a Hill

Text by Andrew Hawryluk and Jane Conrad, music by Andrew Hawryluk.
One-part, two-part, or SATB and piano.

This piece was written for the Youth Cultural Celebration that preceded the dedication of the Calgary Temple. It was selected as the final musical number and was sung by an estimated 1643 youth from across our Temple District. What a marvellous occasion! Writing this piece was a marvellous experience, seconded only by the pleasure of seeing so many people come to appreciate it. I hope it contributed in a small way to an uplifting and encouraging experience for everyone involved! (Note that there are two version of the vocals, one with melody and an optional harmony part and another written in SATB harmony. The parts are different, but compatible, so you can choose the one that best suits your singers.)

Hear the music:

You can also download this piece as a Lilypond file.