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Compositions and Arrangements by Andrew Hawryluk

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SAB versions of “Who Is This Jesus?” and reprise suitable for smaller choirs (21 Jan 2023).

What’s here?

This is a collection of free, downloadable sheet music. Inside you’ll find hymns drawn primarily from the music of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arranged for different groups of voices and instruments, as well as some of my ramblings on related musical topics.


This site began as a pile of hymn arrangements I had used for specific occasions, but could also be useful to someone else. Now, thanks to the inspiration of similar sites and the initial assistance of some computer genius friends, here they are. The collection is growing slowly, so stay tuned!

Also, this allows me to share music that would probably not be available by traditional means. Traditional music publishing requires that a piece be sufficiently unique and memorable to compete with thousands of similar titles and justify the publisher’s financial investment, and I doubt that any of the pieces here meet those business requirements. But they might meet the requirements you have for an upcoming musical number, so this way I can outsource the printing to you. Enjoy!